Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Zentralfriedhof Cemetary

As a group we traveled to the Zentralfriedhof Cemetery in Vienna. Usually cemeterys are a nice place to visit and feel peaceful and a little bit sad. This semetary, one of the largest in the world, was unique because of the people who are buried there. Vienna is widely known as the perfect place for composers to create. Since a lot of famous composers congregated here, they were also buried here! Right when we got there I got a wonderful photo with Beethoven’s grave! There was also a monument to Mozart but I was informed that he was actually buried in a mass grave and nobody knows where that is for sure. Apparently there are a bunch of monuments to Mozart all over Europe so that one wasn’t that cool.
There are also other famous composers (that I, in my ignorance, didn’t even realize were famous) that are buried there. Among these are Franz Shubert, Johann Strauss, and Brahms (which I hear and think of Braum’s: the ice cream and dairy store in Oklahoma).

Besides seeing the graves of these notable gentlemen, I really enjoyed the way the graves here are decorated. I haven’t spent much time in cemeteries in America but I think all the ones I’ve seen were pretty simple. A lot of the ones here had super cute sayings that made it clear that someone really misses them. My favorite one was “Nicht nichts ohne dich, aber nicht dasselbe.” Which Camille told me means something along the lines of “Not nothing without you, but not the same.” This made me want to have a cute saying on my tombstone when I die.
The only not so fun part was when we all got separated and it took a while to regroup. And it was cold. But other than that, I had an amazing time.

Might as well advertise on your handiwork... even if it is a grave

Shout out to Brahms

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