Monday, November 7, 2011


      Necessity is the mother of invention. But sometimes it's nice to have some inventions for the sake of convenience. For example, today I tried to withdraw some money from an ATM and it told me that the machine didn't have the funds to support the transaction... I thought this a little strange but whatever. So I went to another ATM instead. This time it randomly began canceling the transaction and spit my card back out... weirder. So I tried a couple more ATMs with no luck. 
      Fortunately I had a skype date with my mother already set for the evening so I could talk to her about it. She didn't know I was taking a picture of the desktop but this is her helping me:
What a great mom right? So I could talk to the Bank lady on the phone when my mom held the phone up to the computer! And I didn't even need to pay for a collect call. Isn't technology amazing? One day the world might be ruled by robots, but for now I am lovin every second of it!

P.S. I did eventually get the ATM to work so, no worries, I will survive.


  1. Oh, cute, she was looking at my blog at the time! PS, you need to email me your christmas list of $30ish items. Thank you!

  2. Or was it you that was looking at my blog? Even funner!

  3. Okay you! Technology may be great but I think I will leave the video part of skype OFF from now on! You'll still be able to hear me! But it's not all bad, thanks for the shout out for helping you!

  4. Why would you turn the camera part off? This only proves how cute you are! Love you mom! Oh, and Shelly too! (this IS your blog, after all)