Wednesday, November 23, 2011


            Dude. Ashley. What a woman. Everything I’ve learned about Ashley this trip has surprised me. She has a great array of traits/talents that I never would have thought to put in one person. Ashley’s first legit quality is that she is from Boston. She’s pretty small but she’s still got a pdistinct personality that causes her to be anything but overlooked. She has this certain walk, almost like a strut, that lets you know you will be put in your place if you try any funny business with her.
            While it is clear that she can hold her own, when you talk to her you find that she is a tender little sweetheart! I was shocked to discover that Bostonite Ashley was also a cat-loving, legit ice-skating, cheerleader. I guess I didn’t realize they’d have to have cheerleaders in Boston too, cause for some reason those two concepts just can’t coalesce in my mind.
            I love talking about (and of course eating) good food, and Ashley, as a fellow food lover, nay, worshiper, is just the right person to share such experiences with.
And let’s not forget her vocabulary is more impressive than Charles Dickens’. I’m over here trying to learn German, when all the sudden Ashley throws out words I don’t even know in English. Maybe I should follow Ashley’s example and master one language before I try and move on to the second.
            Ashley has an irreplaceable, incomparably remarkable personality. She is a goofball and I absolutely love her.

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