Wednesday, November 23, 2011


            Lyndsi Tolbert is somewhat of my kindred spirit. Wherever I go, I feel like at the very least, I need someone who understands and appreciates the magical realm of Harry Potter. Lyndsi fulfills this requirement and so much more. If ever I need to go on an HP reference spree, I know that Lyndsi will not only tolerate it, but will join in the glory of it.           
            Lyndsi is also like a fountain of fun. I think she is so enjoyable to be around and lives a laugh out loud kind of life. She is full of funny phrases and facial expressions that just put me over the edge with laughter.
During more serious moments, I have gotten some great advice and learned important things about life from this wonderful wise woman. She has real goals for her life and I can tell that she will achieve whatever she sets out to do. What a great example this girl is to me.
            She is a straight up sexy mama as well. You’d think everyone has their ugly days but I have yet to see Lyndsi not looking super cute. If I could trade my entire wardrobe for hers, I would do it without a moment’s hesitation.
            Lyndsi, be my friend forever. Also, marry Buck. (Team Buck! Team Buck!)
Carving Rocks. Yep. Rocks

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