Sunday, November 27, 2011


           I think in this day and age, people have tended to let their feelings become a little… fragile. I mean, how are we supposed to improve if we are never even aware that there is anything wrong with us to begin with? Luckily there is still a simple cure for our blissful belief that everything we do is absolutely perfect. The remedy? Josh Kohler.
            Josh’s uncommon honesty is quite refreshing. You can never have any doubts about where you stand with Josh because he will just straight up let you know. No subtle hints or gimmicks, just raw, unadulterated truth.
            Personally, I think Josh purposely fronts this hard-core façade so that nobody will know that he is really a softy at heart. I’ve seen Josh in moments of good-natured sincerity that have pleasantly surprised me. I’ve found that most of my original fear (terror even) of Josh was unfounded and that Josh is actually really easy to get along with. He is a firm believer in equality and will show you as much respect as you show him.
            My favorite moments of Josh, however, have to be whenever he mentions his girlfriend back home. You can tell that she is someone he definitely cares about and it’s pretty dang (though he might be mortified to hear someone call him this) cute.

Josh not even looking at the camera

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