Saturday, November 26, 2011


Camille is a twin. Just throwing that out there for those of you who still might not know. Camille Andrus is so fun to hang out with. My absolute favorite times with Camille are when she gets excited about something. Her excitement is infectious and every time she talks about something she loves, it makes me want to love it too. I mean, I thought I was excited to go to Berlin, but after hearing Camille talk about it on the way there, I thought I would die if I didn’t make it there soon.
Camille has awesome German skills and I always run to her with my questions if ever I have them. I also love demonstrating what I do know for Camille because she makes me feel like I’ve done something great. It takes a special talent to make someone feel extremely accomplished even when in reality they’ve achieved very little.
            Her awesome German also enabled her to purchase (and actually read) Harry Potter in German. This inspired me to make the same purchase and continues to motivate me to reach the goal of reading it. She ignites passion for greatness within me. I think if I spent more time with Camille I would always feel good about myself and achieve incredible goals. 

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