Saturday, November 26, 2011


            Mary Moberly is a gem. Proudly hailing from the state of Kansas, Mary is definitely one of a kind. Though she is more reserved, there is a lot to discover upon talking with her. It doesn’t take long, for example, to discover that she is very intelligent. She knows a lot of stuff about things that I have never even pondered. I also love that she shares my love of science fiction and is excellent at recalling movie quotes. There is nothing more fun than movie quote rampages and it’s good to have someone around who also enjoys them.
            Mary has long luscious locks of hair that she maintains in a very natural way. I’m sure her hair thanks her for being so gentle with it by staying nice and healthy. She did let a few of us try something new with her hair once and I thought she looked absolutely beautiful!
            I love sitting next to Mary in church because she has a beautiful soprano voice that I love listening to. I don’t know where she learned to sing but props to her teacher (and/or perhaps her genes).

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