Monday, November 14, 2011

         So I was walking to school just barely and this probably 40-year-old man walks up next to me and starts talking to me in German like I'm a native which I loved so I was trying hard not to answer him so that he wouldn't know I was American. But then he just kept talking to me so I had to say something and then he was like, "oh you are American?" and I said yes and then we kept having a conversation but it was still in German!!!! And I didn't get every word but I got the general idea of what he was talking about and I felt so cool! We talked about how I'm here studying German and Vienna is wonderful. And how my Grandpa is from Germany so he mentioned Berlin which I said is huge and I love and just random stuff like that. But the best part is yet to come... when it got to the point where I had to turn another way, he asked me if i wanted to get a drink with him tonight!!!!!! he gave me a specific time and everything! I about died. I just said something like "Sorry I have dinner with my host family tonight, but thanks!" (auf Deutsch natürlich). And then I ran away! I was hilarious I laughed all the way up the two flights of stairs to the institute. Perfect start to my day. Absolutely perfect.

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