Sunday, November 20, 2011


            So now that we're all acquainted with Christopher, I'd love to share a fun story:
            Last week Chris, Amanda, Lindsay and I decided to meander about the lovely Christmas market in front of the Rathaus (the only good thing about not having Thanksgiving here is that Christmas starts so much earlier). There is this delightful beverage sold at the markets called Kinderpunsch! We have to get the Kinder kind because it’s the only one without alcohol. Those of us who have tried it have like it so we suggested to Chris that he try some as well.
He purchased a mug from a lady at a stand who didn’t seem to speak English but usually that doesn’t matter very much. But as Chris went to take a sip, he realized that his drink smelled pretty foul. Since he had never had this beverage before he didn’t know whether or not this was… normal. So he took a sip that, not only burned his mouth but, apparently tasted pretty repulsive. That’s when we started having suspicions that perhaps when the Punsch was ordered, the Kinder part was somehow omitted.
Chris has some reservations about asking if he could exchange his Punsch for the non-alcoholic kind so I went up and asked for him. They were nice enough to get him a fresh glass, along with a euro because the Kinderpunsch was a euro cheaper! 

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  1. Way to go Shelly! Way to take matters into your own hands and save the day! You rock and you saved Chris from rocking!