Sunday, November 20, 2011


           Christopher Pfaffroth (seriously complicated last name, still can’t pronounce it/no idea how to spell it) (to whom everyone else is a.k.a. chief). Ok, I think the first thing to be said about Chris is that he is hilarious. And not in a way that’s like, sometimes he says something funny. It’s more like, on the floor, out of control, he could make a living doing this, kind of funny. Every time he opens his mouth you might as well just pee your pants before the words escape because that’s what you’ll be doing in a split second anyway. Even the way he runs is entertaining. If he had his own TV show, I would watch it. I love experiencing awkward moments in his presence, because the awkwardness is somehow amplified and made funny at the same time.
            Chris is also full of unexpected talents. Like Frisbee golf. I watched some fake Frisbee golf on Zoey 101 one time, but otherwise I feel like Frisbee golf is something we all know about and have vaguely considered trying once or twice, but don’t actually know how to do. Now I can say I know somebody who does. And for sure kicks butt at it too.
            I have come to find that when someone mentions a random recreational activity, Chris just comes out of nowhere and dominates it. Like bowling for example. High School bowling team? Never heard of one. Who belonged to one? Chris Pfaffroth. Legit? I know. Think you could take Chris on in ping pong? Forget it. Wanna challenge him to Tiger Woods 2012? Dream on.

            Chris is super easy-going and is so easy to get along with. Every encounter with this man is truly a treat. What a blessing.

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