Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday October 23-Day 10

First of all, shout to Jacob. Happy 20th birthday Elder Brogdon!
Other than that exciting news, today was not the best. The 10 days we spent as a group, sleeping in hotels and bonding on the bus, have been some of the best days of my life! It was so fun to get to know everyone and spend pretty much every moment with these people. I love them all so much! So it was sad when this final day of the trip finally came and we all had to accept that it was over, and it was back to normal life as usual (well, as normal as it gets in Vienna). Not that I’m sad to be back in Vienna. I love this place as well, I just really enjoyed the past week and a half.
We made one more stop in the Czech Republic so that we could all spend what was left of our koruna (Czech monies). I bought a bushel of apples and a chocolate bar at a very good price. This would more than satisfy me until I made it back to our apartment.
Our wonderful bus driver, Willy, had taken a liking to us over the course of this trip. As we were going through the Czech Republic we took him to a cemetery where some of his ancestors were buried that he didn’t even know existed. He like us before, but I think that put him over the edge in his feelings for us. And so it was that he invited us to his home town so that he could feed us Schnitzel mit Pommes for dinner! This, too, was conveniently on the way so we made the stop and were generously fed. He was the greatest. I don’t think we could have asked for a more enjoyable driver to travel with. He even bought The Sound of Music to play on the bus because we had been singing the songs so he knew we liked it. I am very grateful that we had the honor of having this great guy as our driver!

Us before we got our Schnitzel!
So that was it! Our wonderful wonderful excursion through Germany and beyond! I don't think there is anything that could have made that trip better. (Ok maybe having Lauren around to understand all my non-Harry Potter references would have been nice but who can have it all?)

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