Friday, September 16, 2011


Today was most excellent indeed! Naomi went off to Budapest with a group of friends so I was left here to enjoy the freedom of choosing my own experience! This morning I left the apartment about 10:00 and hopped on the U4 at Shotternring, which is a short walk away. I rode to the Schönbrunn stop just before 10:30 which is when I was supposed to meet up with some other girls who were coming to see the palace. I was the first to arrive and everyone had not assembled until 11:15. So it was a long wait, but luckily I was prepared for with some reading material.

After leaving the station, we followed the signs and our fellow tourists down the path that seemed to lead to Schönbrunn palace. As we rounded the last corner, we saw before us an expansive yellow building that seemed to go on for a mile. I was sure it would take me about 10 minutes just to count all the windows on the building. I was astounded at how large a dwelling the royal families got to live in. As we stood in awe and wonder at the place, I envied the Austrians for having such beautiful buildings in their midst.

But the fun didn’t stop there. The gardens were nothing if not more beautiful than the building itself! They were also many acres long and wide. We spent some time wandering and a lot of time taking pictures as we viewed the absolutely breathtaking array of flowers, vine covered archways, and intricate fountains.

After viewing an incredible statue-clad waterfall, we travelled up the extremely large hill just behind it. From the top we had an amazing view of the back of the palace as well as the city of Vienna behind it. It was an incredible view and we spent quite some time just enjoying the view and the good weather. Long enough even for me to get a sunburn on my neck.

There were other features such as a maze and a zoo that we didn’t enter because they cost money but I’m sure those would have been fun. A couple of the girls did, however, spend 4,50 to view an apple strudel making demonstration and receive a small sample. They were pleased to report that it was both exciting and tasty.

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