Saturday, September 10, 2011

The day we meet our Host Families... I think.

So today was another great one full of too much walking for our tired feet and information for our tired brains. The breakfast at the hotel Baronesse was quite charming. In fact it was probably the best at a hotel I’ve ever had. They even had the cutest little dining room with floral, cushioned seats, glass plates and a lady who served coffee (or hot chocolate which is what we all had). I don’t think I will ever tire of saying “danke” and hearing “bitte schön” in response.

Afterwards we went to the Austro-American Institute of Education, where we were briefed on our courses for the semester. Markus, our guide from the institute, showed us around more of the city. It is a very big place. We went to Nachs Markt (Sample Market) for lunch where I had a sample of some delicious candied pineapple. Now I know why Slughorn was so fond of it.

A while later we all went back to the institute to wait for our host families (or host person) to come pick us up. One by one the families/persons arrived and drove their students away. The host of my beautiful roommate Naomi and I recently lost her sister and is out of town for the funeral, so her neighbor was trusted to come pick us up. Then we were told that we needed to take a taxi to the apartment and she would be waiting for us there... Buuuuuuuut, she wasn't. So we waited there for a couple hours and tried to reach her on the telephone but in vain.

Now we are back at the hotel because no one knows what happened. It's a nice place and all but I hope we're not here for much longer!

And don't worry, the luggage all came last night.

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