Friday, September 9, 2011

Mall of America and Missing Luggage.

Well I'm here! I made it alive!!! I am in Vienna! Or, Wien, as the locals would call it. But unfortunately I am not a wizard and it took more than a simple apparition to get here. Our first layover was in Minneapolis and it was, oh, 7 HOURS LONG. This was not all bad, as Minneapolis is home to the Largest mall I have ever seen. 4 Stories of shopping and entertainment with a theme park
yes, a THEME PARK right smack dab in the middle. Needless to say, passing the hours was not very hard to do. Too bad the only pass you could get was almost $20 so we didn't actually get to ride any rides... But other than that we had a grand 'ol time.

Finally, after too many hours of airplane, we are here in the beautiful city of Wien. We took a tour of the city pretty much as soon as we arrived, but because of the lack of sleep, this is what I remember seeing:
Ok, I did take some real pictures but as Delta has not yet located our luggage, I won't have to cord to add those for a while. Never fear, thanks to the wonderful teachings of my parents, I have enough clean shirts and underwear to last about 4 days, along with all of my toiletries. Hooray for preparedness.

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