Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ok, so I put all my pictures on facebook and it took forever so I don't have the time/patience to do it all again on my blog so I hope this link works!

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  1. SHELLY!!!! I was so excited to have so many comments, even if they were all from the same person. I've been reading your blog, and am super jealous. It looks awesome, I wish I was there. My email is katydayton@gmail. Lets keep in touch. My apartment is full, but I'm pretty sure my roommate is getting engaged, so things could work out for the best! If not I know for sure a couple are open in the row behind me, so same ward! School is going... eh. You know how school is. Anyways, lets do lunch. Over the internet. It'd be cool.
    p.s. follow my blog... I need to have more followers than izumi