Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dejá vu

Every Sunday night a few people from the group are in charge of making dinner for everyone. Yesterday I went with this week's dinner makers to the grocery store to buy the supplies for their meal. After we bought everything (including raw chicken) we took the U-bahn to the Minert's apartment where Sister Minert was waiting to let us in and store the food. When we got there, however, There was no answer to the doorbell or her cell phone. Sound familiar? I think my calling in life might be to wait outside Austrian apartments while the person inside is unaware of my presence. Luckily Brother Minert showed up after not too long and let us in. I hope that chicken wasn't out long enough to make anyone sick.
The grocery store we went to was super sweet though. It was inside a mall-type building I guess and everything was the best price I've seen so far in Vienna. I think I will definitely go back and do my own grocery shopping there. I also split a giant fruit-tart looking thing with my cheesy friend Brihkhjkhkgyfth... i mean Bri and it was quite the party in my mouth.
After we dropped our food off at the Minert's we went to buy some fancy ticket for train discounts in Austria. The place was already closed but (after some confusion, difficulty and some super cute photos) we got the "passport-like" pictures we needed from a photo booth so that we'd have one less step to do tomorrow.
This turned out to be a VERY good idea because of the little adventure we'd have today. So Bre and I were at the Institute about to leave for the Minert's where everyone was supposed to meet before getting our train discount card thingy. Since we went there yesterday we figured it would be no problemo getting back. So we followed our trusty memories and were pleased when we saw things that we recognized, building our confidence that we were in fact going in the right direction. When we ascended the U-bahn steps 5 minutes before meeting time, however, we found that we had not traveled to the Minert's at all, but to the grocery store. Typical Shelly moment? I think so. This is what happens when I think I can do things on my own... I am wrong.

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