Friday, December 2, 2011


            The other wonderful musician in our group is Annisija Wallin. She plays the viola, quite beautifully might I add. I’ve one heard her play a couple times, but I can tell she has magnificent musical talent.
Annisija will quite possibly be the greatest mom in the world. Everything she does is so warm and heart felt and I always feel comforted in her presence. Annisija is kind, sympathetic, and super easy to talk to. She is very optimistic and helps me see the good in seemingly terrible situations.
Annisija is our go-to piano playing girl and we always look to her for our starting pitch when we have to sing a hymn a cappella. She is also a tried and true friend, and will even lay on the ground to take a picture of you if you want a really tall building in the background (I am a personal benefactor of this particular generosity of hers).
            Not only does she have all the technical qualities down, but she is a hoot! She says the most surprisingly funny things that sometimes I am just beside myself with delight. I take great pleasure in her witty comments. I love her giggle her smile!

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