Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday October 16-Day 3

Ah. Another wonderful Sunday with the wonderful European saints! For church today we went to the little branch they have here in Prague. There were so many missionaries there it was crazy! I think about half the ward was just missionaries! Fortunately for all of us (who don’t speak a lick of Czech) many branches here in Europe have a bunch of headsets and a missionary to translate the meetings. Even though we knew what was going on in the meetings, we still got to make fools of ourselves as we tried to sing the hymns! Czech has so many weird consonant combinations that make the weirdest sounds that I’m sure we all sounded completely ridiculous. Mercifully the Czechs didn’t comment on our ignorance.
There were some sister missionaries there that were the cutest missionaries I’ve ever seen! I didn’t know that it was possible/acceptable to be a sister missionary without being frumpy… haha I guess my perception was just a little off. Church was wonderful. I love meeting these European saints and seeing their testimonies and sharing in their sweet spirits! I love that the Lord’s gospel can now be found all over the earth! It is wonderful.

After church we got Jewish museum pass type things that let us into a few different Jewish History sites around the city. First there was a massive cemetery with headstones all helter-skelter around the place. There have been so many mass murders of the Jewish people it’s hard to find a place for them all. It’s so sad that these people have been so severely persecuted over the years. It would be so hard to stick to your guns after all that the Jews have been through and I admire their faith. I hope that I can be as strong in my faith as these people.
Jewish Synagogue

            We also got to go inside a Cathedral and see a lot of the things Jews use in their worship. You could even buy a wide variety of Kippahs. There were a lot of displays about Jewish history and artifacts used in a typical Jew’s life. It was very interesting to see but, unfortunately, photos were not allowed.
We also found the famous Lennon Wall! Which I didn't even know about... haha but I don't know about a lot of apparently famous things (like the Charles bridge in Prague. Didn't even know it was a big deal 'til I was standing on it). But I guess it's a wall that was graffitied by rebels lobbying for equality. For us it's just a wall that looks really cool :)
Lennon Wall

On the way there there was a little bridge with locks all over it. Couples put a lock on the bridge after getting engaged. We saw another bridge like this in Munich. I thought it was so romantic.

 For dinner we gave in to our desires and went to Hard Rock again. This time I got a burger with avocado, cheese and ranch. It was simply delectable.

After our second Hard Rock meal, a few of us went up to the palace cathedral, which is lit up at night. It seemed to glow in the night as it looked marvelous. I almost didn’t go because of the cold but I sure am glad that I decided to tag along with the others. We had a big group walking home too so I felt very safe even though our Hostel seemed like it was in a pretty sketchy part of town.
Our Luxurious Hostel.


  1. Looks like the cathedral is made of gold!
    The two pictures of the cathedral and the hostel are certainly interesting extremes!

  2. Yeah, "Hostel" is not the same thing as "Hotel" as you are obviously discovering