Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Abendessen mit die Frau

After our first encounter with Frau Feest, Naomi and I were understandable… terrified. But it turns out that all the worrying we did the first little bit was for naught. After about a week here, we had dinner with her and, despite our uncertainty, everything went well.
She served us zucchini soup, Kartoffeln Goulash, Tomato and Mozzarella and Tomato Salad and some bread. Zucchinis are not necessarily my favorite, but the soup was very good. The Kartoffeln Goulash was Amazing. I didn’t think I could ever have enough of it. And I hope she feeds it to us again. The Tomato/Mozzarella/Basil dish was new to my taste buds but I liked it enough. I was very grateful that I have recently developed a liking for tomatoes. Otherwise this could have been a very trying experience.
Since this dinner we have had 3 other meals with the Frau. Other dishes she has served us include (but are not limited to) pumpkin soup, spaghetti, polenta cakes with mushrooms, fresh fruit, European-style green salad, some type of fish salad (tuna maybe?) and pineapple slices with berry marmalade.
Tonight was the greatest dish of all! She pulled out a casserole dish and we asked her what was in it. She replied Kartoffeln (potatoes), Eiern (eggs), Sauerrahm (Sour Cream), and Käse (cheese)!!! Yes, basically we ad cheesy potatoes for dinner. Admittedly they weren’t as cheesy as I make them at home, but basically I was in heaven. I could eat cheesy potatoes till the cows come home.

As far as conversation goes, Frau Feest is quite sweet and polite. She is full of smiles and is eager to share her thoughts, feelings, and interests. Technically she is French not Austrian so I don’t know how much like other Austrian people she is, but she is very friendly. I can usually understand the gist of the conversation but Naomi, being in a higher German class than I and therefore more knowledgeable, usually takes on the burden of responding. Occasionally the Frau will direct a question straight at me, in which case I do my best to answer.
All in all I really enjoy the dinners we spend with Frau Feest and I’m sad that they only come around once a week. She really is a sweet lady and is very generous and friendly. I don’t know where the huffy Frau Feest we encountered the first day went but I can’t say I’m sad to see her go!


  1. I'm SO glad to hear that Frau Feest has turned out to be friendly and a good cook!