Saturday, August 20, 2011

Slumber Party!

So sometimes Jasmine and Taylor go out at night and I am left to babysit the chillins. Usually I just go through the regular bedtime routine and call it good. But sometimes we get to have a..... SLUMBER PARTY!
Our first one was a few weeks ago but we got treats at Walmart to eat while we watched our slumber party movie, Kung Fu Panda! I told them pajamas and slippers are a MUST for slumber parties.
Slumber Partiers with their chosen treats:
Slumber Partiers with the BEST aunt ever!:
After the movie we had a pillow fight of course. Then when bedtime came, I already had requests for a sequel to this fabulous event, SO....
Last night, Jasmine and Taylor went on a date and I was home with the kids again! And you all know what that means--slumber party 2! This time we watched the Emperor's New Groove and split a few candy bars. Before our pillow fight this time, however, the kids had fun imitating the title screen. Please enjoy:

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