Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jimmer University?

This year I have heard a lot about a man named Jimmer Fredette. Is he a super hero? Immortal? A gift from the Gods? Many might answer yes to all of the above. In fact, I think some might be in favor of changing this school's name to Jimmer University. I, for one, did not understand this obsession with a basketball player. I never really got why people idolize athletes to such extreme extents.
So, I went to the game against San Diego State with my dad to see what all the fuss was about. At first I still didn't understand. I mean, the intro to the game made it seem like this was the most noble calling any man could be called to fulfill, and the crowd was PACKED with fans who looked like they would go into shock if they didn't see Jimmer soon.
Then the game started, and BYU was behind. I felt myself getting nervous. Wasn't Jimmer supposed to be the greatest thing that ever lived? How can we be losing? But, never fear my dear readers. Jimmer didn't disappoint. He scored basket after basket, pounding them in like nobody's business.
The game was so intense, and the refs (like always) were so dumb! My heart was racing and I found myself on my feet screaming my lungs out. I never knew I had it in me. BYU pulled ahead (with the help of Jimmer's 43 points), and I could finally rest when it became clear that we would win.
And so, as the clock ran out, and Jimmer continued to score, I finally understood why so many people can get so into sports. Thank you Jimmer, for helping me understand.

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