Sunday, August 1, 2010

Llama Fest!

My friend Katy and I decided it would be loads of fun to go to the Llama Fest! Turns out... We were right!

We ate some
pretty gross food. At first
our goal was to eat it all... but it changed to taste it all.

But we got to meet, and pet, llams, which basically made it worth it.

Not to mention they had llama
races, and llama obstacle courses, and sweet llama t-shirts.

We learned that the llama featured on the shirts is named pistol, and they have to keep him
separated from the other llamas cause he's a bully and will beat them up.

There were also guys in the Krishna temple playing one of their religious chants. The vocalist told us that back in the day, they sold llamas to make money to build their temple, and that is how the great llama fest came to be.

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